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Real-Time Conversational Intelligence (CI), Delivering Customer Experience (CX) & Agent Optimisation Solutions for the Contact Centre

Enhance your customer engagements, with AI-fuelled Interaction Analytics, Quality Monitoring & Real-Time Agent Assistance


Analyse the customer voice across every channel


Workforce Optimisation (WFO) QM & Coaching

Compliance & Risk

100% analysis of every conversation and channel

Agent Assist

Give support to your staff when it really matters


Detect broken process, failure demand and trends

Increase C-SAT by 47%

Increase first contact resolution, by reducing time to answer and hold and transfers

Increase Revenue by 40%

Use AI driven and automated metrics that drive your agent performance goals

Reduce Agent Churn by 64%

Improve employee experience with easier onboarding, guidance and support

Speed up Agent Onboarding

Real-time knowledge driven solutions for agent training and guidance in call when it matters

Uncover Valuable Insights

Mine the big data across all of your channels to uncover valuable business insights.

Contexta360 transforms customer interactions, boosts operational efficiency, enhances CX, post-call and in real-time, empowers your CX teams, and protects your brand.

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