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Extend your contact centre applications with modular real-time conversational capabilities

Contexta360 leading-edge real-time conversational intelligence snap-in components, seamlessly integrate with existing applications, enhancing operations with advanced conversational capabilities for more meaningful interactions.

Need to add new features to your existing solution?

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional turnkey solutions and embrace the power of customisation, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Contexta360 Snap-In components offer a modular approach, empowering you to select and integrate specific functionalities tailored to YOUR unique needs.

In the dynamic world of business technology, the strategic choice between a comprehensive system overhaul and the adoption of targeted snap-in solutions reflects a nuanced approach to optimisation. Businesses increasingly find themselves drawn towards the latter, as the benefits of precision upgrades become increasingly apparent.

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4 Ways to Transform Your Business With Contact Centre Snap-Ins

Agent Assist

This component provides instant support and guidance to contact centre agents during live interactions with customers. Leveraging real-time transcriptions, data analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, it analyses ongoing conversations to offer actionable insights, suggest responses, and provide relevant information.

Automated Call Summary

Leveraging advanced speech-to-text technology, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning algorithms, this component automatically transcribes and summarises spoken content from conversations. It extracts key insights, identifies topics, and condenses the conversation into concise summaries. By incorporating this snap-in component, businesses can enhance efficiency in call analysis, improve customer service, reduce post-call wrap-up, reduce costs and expedite decision-making processes.

Auto Agent QM and Coaching

The Automated Agent Quality Monitoring and Coaching snap-in component by Contexta360 offers advanced capabilities for efficient and automated quality monitoring. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this component automates the process of evaluating and assessing the quality of various interactions, such as customer service calls or support chats. Using speech analytics and other relevant metrics, it systematically analyses interactions, identifies patterns, and assesses adherence to quality standards. This snap-in component empowers organisations to streamline quality assurance processes, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistent adherence to predefined criteria.

Auto Compliance

Automated brand and regulatory compliance is a crucial aspect of modern business operations, ensuring that organisations adhere to industry standards, legal requirements, and maintain a consistent brand image. Contexta360’s advanced solutions provide automated tools to monitor and enforce brand guidelines and regulatory compliance across various channels. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), these tools can analyse content, communications, and interactions to identify potential compliance issues or deviations from brand guidelines. By automating this process, organisations can mitigate risks, enhance efficiency, and maintain a strong and compliant brand presence. This comprehensive approach enables businesses to navigate complex regulatory landscapes while upholding their brand integrity across all customer interactions and communication channels.

Speech-to-Text Transcription

Leveraging advanced speech recognition technology, and large language models, this component converts spoken language into accurate and readable text. Whether used in contact centres, meetings, or any application requiring transcription services, Contexta360’s solution ensures high precision and reliability. The component supports multiple languages and is capable of transcribing diverse accents and speech patterns. Using our own LLM’s and Lexicons, Its modular design allows easy integration into existing systems, offering organisations the ability to enhance accessibility, automate documentation, and derive valuable insights from spoken content. The Speech-to-Text and Transcription component from Contexta360 is a valuable tool for businesses seeking efficient and accurate transcription capabilities within their applications.

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