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Our aim is to radically improve the interaction between your customer and your organisation through advanced automation, whether human-to-human or human-to-machine, across voice, video, chat, email and app channels. Contexta360 leads the way in AI-fuelled automated conversational analytics, real-time agent assistance and fully automated conversational assistants that optimise every interaction.

Contexta360, based in Amsterdam and London, is a leading force in conversation intelligence, providing open, easy-to-use and secure SAAS solutions at scale. We are agnostic to your current infrastructure and leverage your toolsets, whether that is Genesys, Avaya, Mitel, 8X8, NEC, AWS-Connect or others. Our solution delivers a new level of accuracy and performance, delivery, flexibility and value.

Our team of highly skilled software developers and computer scientists has a passion for artificial intelligence, speech analytics, data science and natural language understanding. We help organisations to capture millions of conversations across all channels in multiple languages, with incredible accuracy. We enrich and analyse these interactions for insight intent, friction, sentiment and other business triggers, to automate and understand why the customer is engaging and how you are responding. With Contexta 360, you can start small and scale to hundreds of millions of interactions a year.