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Enhanced Speech Analytics, Quality Management and Automation Insights for Contact Centres


Next Generation Conversational Intelligence and Analytics

Release your next-generation customer experience with Contexta360

Whether you are analysing a single call or detecting unknown topics across millions of calls, Contexta360 delivers the insight you need to increase performance, fix processes and deliver business change.

Do you know why the customer is calling?

Our experience has shown that businesses are, on average, capturing 20 per cent of their customer interaction data. The other 80 per cent is lost. That’s lost intelligence, analysis, insight, knowledge, understanding and opportunity. Contexta360 helps you to know why your customer is calling by capturing and analysing the entire conversation and combining it with existing data you already hold.

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How are you responding to the customer?

Contexta360 connects and analyses all your human and automated services, across voice, text, email and video channels, to optimise knowledge, process and compliance, all from one out-of-the-box platform. Our AI and NLP technology gives you detailed insight, highlights broken processes, flags missing information and delivers a competitive edge.

Contexta360 is an affordable, easy-to-use suite of AI fuelled speech analytics and quality management solutions which can integrate with your existing systems.

"Our team enjoy using Contexta360 and the powerful data insights it delivers. We were blown away with the speed of processing literally millions of conversations."


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