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Business Optimisation Solutions

Detect broken process, failure demand, trends and content gaps

Analysing agent and customer conversations is powerful, but processes, communications, systems and content often fuel a disconnect, with some topics and trends hidden. Contexta360 mines the big data across all of your channels to uncover insights. Optimising the way your contact centre functions is critical to delivering outstanding customer experiences and finding efficiencies that can increase staff retention rates, streamline your business and cut operational costs.

Contexta360’s Business Optimisation Solutions Mine Big Data to Uncover Valuable Insights

Contexta360 enables contact centres optimise there business tools and processes by ensutring that both human and automated channels are operating effciently and effectively. Analyse and check your IVR and IVA systems to ensure they are user-friendly and effectively route customer enquiries. Evaluate your processes to detect any sources of customer friction and streamline workflows where possible. Automate customer effort by implementing self-service options and leverage AI-driven tools to handle routine enquiries effciently. Implement mechanisms to detect unknown topics and promptly address customer dissatisfaction to prevent negative experiences. Additionally, analyse customer interactions to identify missed revenue opportunities and take proactive steps to capitalise on them. In summary, optimising your contact centre involves enhancing automation, minimising customer effort, addressing dissatisfaction, and maximising revenue potential through strategic improvements across IVR, IVA, processes, and customer interaction management.

Four steps to transform Cost,
CX/C-SAT and growth

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Customers expect to be able communicate with businesses via a diverse array of digital channels. Telephone communication remains an important component of customer service, but you may also be managing customer engagement across social media, email, web chat and other channels. Contexta360 makes sure all of your interaction channels are analysed, ensuring you get the right information.

Contexta360 will:

  • Automatically analyses all commuiction channels.
  • Provide comprehensive insights.
  • Ensuring that no valuable information is missed.

Contexta360 gives you all the tools you need to analyse your conversations, measure their effectiveness and develop best practises to ensure that agents consistently adhere to the scripts and processes. Interaction analytics can assist with identifying the most effective selling techniques and identifying customer objections. Next best action guidance can provide agents with the most effective offers and language to increase sales.

Contexta360 will:

  • Optimise conversations.
  • Improve selling techniques.
  • Guide agents with next best actions for increased sales.

Contexta360 quickly and effectively understands the intent of new conversations, helping agents to respond to questions more efficiently and to present the most relevant information from any data resource in real time. This is a significant improvement over the traditional approach to problem resolution, where agents to look up information during the call or, worse, put callers on hold to ask a supervisor for assistance or access resources from disconnected knowledge bases.

Contexta360 will:

  • Understand conversations.
  • Enable efficient responses.
  • Provide real-time access to relevant information.
  • Improve problem resolution.

Many businesses cannot identify customers as they arrive in the contact centre from different touchpoints. As a result, they deliver an impersonal, transactional and ineffective service at a time when customer expectations are higher than ever. Contexta360 tags every touchpoint with rich meta data, and organises them in a logical way, enabling a more personalised agent-to-customer approach. This can help with repeat callers, complaints and escalations.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide rich metadata and organises touchpoints.
  • Enable a personalised approach.
  • Assist agents in handling repeat callers, complaints and escalations effectively.

Contexta360 enables you to analyse the volume, content and outcome of interactions across all your communication channels. This enables you to lower costs by redirecting call flow more efficiently, whether human or automated, by employing optimal staffing and by resolving individual customer issues more efficiently.

Contexta360 will:

  • Analyse interactions across channels
  • Enable cost reduction through optimal staffing.
  • Facilitate efficient call flow.
  • Improve issue resolution speed.

Broken processes cause delays, which affects metrics and the level of service a business wants to provide to its customers. By digitally capturing customer conversations and analysing them with advanced AI and NLP, Contexta360 improves business insight and understanding, removes workload for agents and improves automation. Encapsulating the true content, intent, sentiments and context for interactions helps businesses to find the root cause of broken processes and take action.

Contexta360 will:

  • Capture and analyses customer conversations.
  • Provide insights to identify and address the root cause of broken processes.

Digital engagement has gained traction over the past two years, with customers likely to connect with brands via chat, messaging and social media. Self service and bots are now very common, but research has shown that they are not always effective as invariably the customer ends up back in the human agent call queue. Contexta360 analyses all your digital and human channels giving you accurate performance statistics.

Contexta360 will:

  • Analyse digital and human channels.
  • Deliver accurate performance statistics.
  • Improve the effectiveness of digital engagement

Human and digital channels are fundamentally different. They each offer distinct capabilities with value propositions that appeal to different customers at different times. Instead of ignoring these distinctions, customer-centric companies should embrace them and ensure that customers receive the maximum value wherever they connect. Contexta360 delivers a consistent user experience for human and machine-based channels.

Contexta360 will:

  • Ensure a consistent user experience across human and digital channels.
  • Maximise value for customers connecting with your business.

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