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Compliance and Risk Solutions

100% analysis of every conversation across every channel

The contact centre is usually the first point of contact for your customers, where you can develop loyalty, answer questions, gain new customers and expand your brand. However, all these benefits come with risks to consumer data protection and privacy. Mitigating risk is a wise investment as breaching compliance can be costly and damaging to your brand. Contexta360 has powerful capabilities to analyse and learn from historical conversations or detect and steer in real time.

Contexta360's Compliance and Risk Solutions Help Detect, Guide and Mitigate

Learn how Contexta can help you analyse and learn from historical conversations or detect and steer in real time.

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Businesses use various tools to assess risk levels across their business divisions. These do not always scale in the same way because every interaction with your customers has different dynamics. Contexta360 gives you the ability to analyse 100 per cent of your conversations and use meta data and pre-built query monitoring templates to ensure consistency and scale in all your interactions.

Contexta360 will:

  • Analyse 100% of conversations.
  • Ensure consistent risk detection and scalability for businesses.

Identifying customers’ specific challenges has always been difficult and the current economic crisis means these challenges are increasing. Analysing only a subset of conversations makes it difficult to identify trends in customer vulnerability, identify individuals in crisis and develop strategies to best serve them. Contexta360 analyses all of your calls, while simultaneously monitoring them in real time, to identify vulnerable customers.

Contexta360 will:

  • Identify vulnerable customers by analysing all calls and monitoring them in real time for timely support.

Businesses track and escalate complaints in various ways and the effectiveness of this can be entirely dependent on the specific agent. If the number of complaints increases, organisations may face regulatory scrutiny as well as potential fines. Contexta360 can analyse all your customer interactions, identify complaint language or negative sentiment at any point in the conversation and help you to uncover the root cause and take action.

Contexta360 will:

  • Analyse customer interactions.
  • Identify complaint language.
  • Helps uncover the root cause for effective resolution.

When dealing with customers in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance, certain processes must be followed and employees must adhere to compliance frameworks to avoid potential fines and legal or reputational harm. Contexta360’s AI-powered conversational intelligence can show where processes are followed and can alert the QA team to any red flags on agent calls. Supervisors can then provide coaching and education.

Contexta360 will:

  • Ensure adherence to compliance frameworks.
  • Alert businesses to red flags
  • Provide coaching for improvement.

Many businesses continue to manage remote or hybrid workforces, making the monitoring and enforcement of compliance and risk processes difficult. Many organisations rely on manual quality assurance, including customer interaction reviews. Listening to calls can take three times as long as the call itself. Contexta360 analyses all of your calls automatically and provides insight into potential breaches.

Contexta360 will:

  • Automate compliance and risk monitoring.
  • Provide insights and potential breach alerts for efficient risk management.

Contexta360 uses advanced conversational intelligence to coach employees on how to handle dissatisfied customers and avoid complaints. This can be real-time alerts that guide agents, or post-call analysis, where managers and supervisors can use targeted coaching to help agents to manage complex scenarios. This proactive approach to AI-driven coaching reduces average handle times and customer effort, and bolsters agent confidence.

Contexta360 will:

  • Coach agents in real time
  • Help businesses provide targeted post-call analysis for improved customer handling.

Contexta360 generates actionable intelligence, enabling you to boost profits through targeted interventions. You can gain insight into agent performance and ways to increase operational efficiency, while reducing exposure with faster investigations into incidents, leading to fewer fines for noncompliance. Contexta360 helps with root-cause analysis of incorrect agent risk and compliance violations, to meet risk-reduction goals without increasing personnel costs.

Contexta360 will:

  • Generate actionable intelligence for boosting profits.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Reduce noncompliance risks and potential fines.

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