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Agent Assist Solutions

Supporting your staff when it matters

Hiring and onboarding new employees is a challenge in today’s contact centre. Time to productivity, quality, knowledge level and risk mitigation are critical. Deploying suggested next best action, real-time compliance and sales upsell can increase your team’s capacity, accelerate onboarding and improve employee experience. With Context360’s RT Assist, you can give agents the tools they need to complete their tasks while on the phone.

Contexta360's Agent Assist Solutions Solutions Mine Big Data to Uncover Valuable Insights

Learn how Contexta can help you make onboarding a breeze and to guide and nurture staff as they develop their skills and experience.

Four steps to transform Cost,
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The contact centre is constantly evolving. Businesses increasingly rely on self service and automation for simple tasks, with live agents handling more-complex tasks. Contexta360 RT Assist provides agents with the information they need to maintain compliance and productivity.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide real-time information, empowering agents with up-to-date knowledge for effective decision-making and customer interactions.
  • Assist agents in following compliance protocols, ensuring regulatory standards without disruptions.
  • Enhancesagents’ productivity levels, boosting efficiency.
  • Help businesses deliver superior customer service by equipping agents with the tools and resources needed to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Agents need to offer good customer experience, by finding the right information, following the right processes and being empathetic, while also maintaining service levels and remaining compliant. Coaching to help agents develop their skills used to take place after a call. RT Assist can deliver real-time coaching in the call itself, enabling agents to deal with every call more efficiently.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide seamless assistance in following compliance protocols, simplifying the process and minimising the risk of regulatory violations.Ensures that agents have access to the most up-to-date data for informed decision-making and efficient customer interactions.
  • Increase agents’ productivity levels, leading to improved efficiency and optimised task completion.
  • Help your team deliver superior customer service and exceptional customer experiences by equipping agents with the necessary tools and resources.

Post-call analytics is commonly used by businesses to determine where they may have violated compliance and regulatory standards. This avoids investigation into why the breach occurred and possible lawsuits and fines. Contexta360’s RT Assist advises if brand and regulatory compliance have been met and maintained within the call itself. This prevents key legal statements being missed and ensures regulatory information is communicated at the appropriate time.

Contexta360 will:

  • Maintain brand integrity and regulatory compliance standards during every call ensuring consistency and alignment with established guidelines.
  • Safeguard against potential violations, actively preventing any non-compliance issues that may arise.
  • Provide assurance against potential fines from regulatory violations.
  • Protect businesses from financial penalties and associated consequences.

Post-interaction performance management and coaching helps businesses to understand how agents perform across thousands or millions of calls. During the call, the agent must manage customer expectations as well as business KPIs. RT Assist recommends actions based on the conversation to provide agents with the information they need to complete the call correctly, first time, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Contexta360 will:

  • Drive continuous improvement in agent performance, resulting in higher CSAT scores.
  • Utilise advanced conversation analysis to provide actionable recommendations during calls.
  • Optimise agent performance for enhanced customer outcomes.

Contexta360’s RT Assist engine is built on years of experience and expertise, and it provides fast and accurate transcriptions of conversations in a variety of languages and dialects. RT Assist can create a real-time transcription and summary of the conversation, and generate an automatic post-call wrap up. This will bring true consistency and context to call content while saving agents time, allowing them to attend to the next call.

Contexta360 will:

  • Ensure rapid and accurate transcriptions, enabling efficient capture and documentation of call content.
  • Automatically generates post-call wrap-up summaries, freeing up valuable time for agents.


Contexta360 RT Assist continuously searches a repository of articles related to the conversation and delivers next-best actions to the agents in real time, eliminating the need for the agent to put the caller on hold while they seek information from another source. This reduces call time and friction while maintaining service levels.

Contexta360 will:

  • Deliver real-time, contextually relevant next-best actions and information to agents.
  • Empower agents with valuable insights for optimal decision-making.
  • Reduce hold times by promptly delivering the necessary information to agents.
  • Enable uninterrupted customer interactions and reducing customer waiting periods.

Assist adds value to the contact centre by providing agents with tips and advice while they are on the call, rather than just as a post-call wrap-up or long-term data collection. This means agents can be more empathetic, agile and knowledgeable about a customer’s background, as they are given the right information at the right time. Real-time interaction analytics enable agents to take actions that ensure they retain rather than lose a customer.

Contexta360 will:

  • Offer agents invaluable real-time tips and expert advice, equipping them with actionable guidance for enhanced performance.
  • Enhance the customer experience by providing agents with valuable insights and resources.
  • Enable personalised and exceptional service.

RT Assist analyses your conversations and instantly notifies agents about sales incentives and promotions, ensuring that both your customers and agents receive the most up-to-date information, reducing churn and improving NPS.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide timely notifications to agents regarding sales incentives and promotions.
  • Drive sales engagement and success.
  • Enhance customer retention and elevates Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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