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Workforce Optimisation, QM and Coaching

Next generation workforce management to optimise staff, service standards and skill building.

Workforce management optimises staffng, scheduling and task assignments. Quality monitoring ensures adherence to service standards for consistent customer satisfaction. Agent coaching enhances performance through feedback and skill-building. These elements create a framework for a high-performing workforce and exceptional customer experiences.

Contexta360's Workforce Optimisation Delivers 4 key areas of value

Optimising Humans
By carefully analysing staffing needs, skill sets, and workload demands, C360 workforce optimisation ensures that employees are deployed effectively and efficiently. This involves matching the right people to the right tasks, while understanding whether interactions could have been handled via automated channels. This not only maximises productivity but also fosters employee engagement, satisfaction and career development opportunities that enables employees to continuously enhance their skills and reach their full potential.

Optimising Bots
C360 Workforce Optimisation continuously monitors chatbot performance, so that their algorithms and responses can be refined to improve accuracy and effectiveness. This ensures smoother customer interactions, reduced response times, and enhanced overall efficiency in customer service operations.

Reducing Workload
C360 workforce Optimisation helps automate repetitive tasks, reduces manual workload and increases efficiency. By optimising resource allocation and implementing time-saving measures, based on real conversational intelligence, we minimise workload pressures on employees, enabling them to focus on high-priority tasks while maintaining productivity levels.


Assisting Agents in Real-Time
Workforce Optimisation plays a crucial role in assisting agents in real-time by providing them with the necessary support and resources to handle customer enquiries efficiently. By enabling features such as real-time messaging and coaching capabilities, supervisors can provide immediate assistance and guidance to agents facing challenging situations, enabling agents to deliver prompt and effective solutions to customers, enhancing the overall quality of service.

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Some people believe that workforce optimisation entails simply determining how many agents are required, where they will sit and what shift pattern to use. We believe that optimising the workforce should include both the human and the machine. The machine should support interactional conversational analytics and provide real-time dynamic assistance to agents, with full voice and chat conversation automation.

Contexta360 will:

  • Combine conversational analytics and real-time assistance.
  • Enhance agent performance and automation.

Historically, all calls that could not be handled by automated or self-service channels were handled by workforce optimisation. This helped businesses to identify the appropriate people with the appropriate skills to service the appropriate areas. Contexta360 provides hypergrade transcription and NLU across all channels, for all human and machine interactions, with simple triggers and KPIs across millions of interactions, as well as open data and dashboards.

Contexta360 will:

  • Ensure effective workforce optimisation across all channels and interactions.

A digital-first customer interaction strategy can dramatically reduce the cost of service and increase customer convenience. However, there is still a significant proportion of interactions that requires human-to-human service. By combining real-time conversational tools and machine learning, we can unite the power of technology and science with the warmth of human empathy and understanding.

Contexta360 will:

  • Merge real-time conversational tools with machine learning.
  • Help to create a digital-first strategy that combines technology with human empathy.

How do you distribute the workload so that more agents can expertly handle more calls? Contexta360 delivers real-time intelligence across multiple channels to your agents at the precise moment they need it. Next best actions, such as coaching and compliance, provide your agents with the knowledge they need to be consistently effective and productive.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide real-time intelligence and next-best actions.
  • Empower agents to efficiently handle calls and optimise workload distribution.

As digital channels have multiplied, so too has the demand for skilled contact centre agents. Contact centres can no longer rely on their legacy WFM solutions to accurately forecast schedules and manage intraday change. Contexta360 balances human and automated resources in real time to provide a holistic and consistent service across your entire organisation.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide real-time resource balancing ensures accurate multi-channel staffing for a consistent and holistic customer service experience.

Contact centres are demanding places to work. Consumers today are accustomed to a seamless online service experience, have increasingly high expectations, have less patience and demand quick resolutions. Agents need to have the knowledge and training from day one. Contexta360 RT Assist empowers agents by automatically delivering consistent knowledge based on their conversations.

Contexta360 will:

  • Deliver consistent knowledge to agents from day one.
  • Ensure seamless onboarding and improved customer service.

While digital channels have undeniably improved the customer experience, they have also introduced new challenges to contact centres, which are being forced to manage more interactions than ever, rendering legacy WFM solutions obsolete. Contexta360’s advanced AI-driven tools can help you define a proper model to predict which skills will be required rather than hoping for the best.

Contexta360 will:

  • Allow businesses to predict the skills required.
  • Help contact centre leaders to move beyond educated guesswork for effective staffing.

When it comes to evaluating performance, Contexta360’s AI-driven solutions can analyse massive data silos and produce accurate and fair employee performance evaluations. Evaluations are impartial and subjective, based on actual data and they generate insights on performance directly from conversations. Managers can gain a clear understanding of their employees and the process also boosts employee morale and engagement.

Contexta360 will:

  • Help businesses offer impartial and data-based employee performance evaluations.
  • Provide accurate insights that boost employee engagement.

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