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CyberTwice and Contexta360 Sign a Strategic Technology Partnership

The partnership delivers enterprise- grade Microsoft Teams compliance recording and speech analytics all based on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams, and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Cybertwice partnership announcement

AMSTERDAM 17th February 2021Contexta360, Contexta360, a leading speech analytics and conversational computing company today announced a technical partnership agreement with CyberTwice, a leading cloud-based recording and archiving company.

The agreement leverages CyberTwice ATTEST — a fourth-generation compliance collaboration recording solution,integrated into Microsoft Teams and hosted within Azure — to extend Contexta360’s highly intuitive speech analytics platform. The partnership will deliver insights into millions of Microsoft Teams conversations, improving key sales or service interactions, dramatically improving CX metrics, automating the call summary and fully integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
The advanced integration between Contexta360 and CyberTwice core intellectual property stacks will deliver unparalleled capability in this sector.

Sil Steffens, CEO at CyberTwice, said: “We see a significant shift in how businesses are communicating with their customers and we believe Microsoft Teams is a leading force in this new paradigm. With ATTEST for Teams, we offer an advanced, affordable alternative in Azure for existing cloud and on-premises (compliance) recording solutions.”

Andrew White, CEO at Contexta360, commented: “Our speech, text and interaction analytics platform complements CyberTwice’s recording solution and the wider Microsoft platform, delivering insights into the topics, actions, trends, process compliance and sales or service methodology held within millions of calls or chat sessions.”

The Contexta360 / CyberTwice Platform
The Contexta360 / CyberTwice Platform is available as an Azure cloud service and is ideally suited to Microsoft CSP and Dynamics Partners to provide a powerful and integrated solution to their end customers. The platform secures Microsoft Teams recording and delivers 16 pre-built metrics and use-cases out of the box and analyses calls for subject areas including:

  • Script adherence
  • Process adherence
  • Sales methodology
  • CX best practice
  • Compliance
  • Silence detection
  • Sentiment detection
  • Actions and intent
  • Broken process detection
  • Quality management

About Contexta360
Contexta360 is a high-growth company based in Amsterdam and London. Our highly skilled software developers and computer scientists have a passion for artificial intelligence, speech-to-text, and natural language understanding. We help enterprise organisations capture voice and video conversations across multiple languages, transcribing, summarising and analysing them for compliance, sentiment, topic, intent, context, effectiveness and customer experience. We build a 360-degree view of customer interaction by analysing phone, video and chat conversations.

About CyberTwice
CyberTwice, is a software company based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, that evolved from organizations that were prominent in the compliance recording and archiving solutions market. We help financial institutions, healthcare, public safety organisations and enterprises worldwide to comply with regulations in an efficient and inexpensive way. We believe that cloud-based voice, video, chat and meeting recording doesn’t just satisfy the regulators but also provides valuable insights into what is really going on in a company.