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TKC digital signs strategic partnership with Contexta360

Leading knowledge management and contact centre strategy company, TKC digital has signed a reseller partnership agreement with Contexta360 to provide class leading Speech Analytics and AI cloud services that delivers insight into customer interactions

AMSTERDAM / LONDON May 25, 2019 — Contexta360, a leading speech analytics and conversational computing company today announced it has signed a reseller agreement with TKC digital, a leading knowledge management vendor and call centre consultancy.

Contexta360 supports TKC digital by analyzing and improving the customer service journey

The agreement leverages TKC digitals knowledge management technology, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Knowledge Advanced  and the Oracle Digital Assistant solutions, as well as their expertise in wider contact centre and digital service best practices and consultancy. The agreement allows TKC digital to analyse millions of call conversations, for sentiment, compliance, actual questions asked by customers, key selling  or service opportunities and dramatically improve agent training and quality performance metrics. It is TKC digital’s mission to help answer customer questions first time right in both the human assisted and digital domain.

The relationship will provide an advanced integration with TKC digitals knowledge management platform as well as the wider Oracle portfolio of solutions.

Tinky Bart – CEO at TKC digital: “We see a significant convergence in the areas of knowledge management, call centre operational performance process and speech analytics technologies. Contexta360 delivers a level of insight that, combined with our class leading software and services can transform call centre service, revenue and experience. It will help contact centres to focus on what matters, increase quality of contact, prevent double contacts and be quicker at the same time. We are now able to provide incredible insight to our clients executive management and team leaders who can ‘find, see and analyse’ what is being said with their customers”

Andrew White – CEO at Contexta360: “Knowledge management integration into our AI and Speech analytics platform is a truly powerful capability. We are now assisting agents with  ‘Real-time’ speech analysis that understands the call content and critically context so that we can prompt answers and next appropriate actions to the agent sourced from knowledge management and CRM data.”

The Contexta360 Platform

The Contexta360 Platform is available as a cloud service or on premise, which proves very popular with their government, security and Financial Services clients. The platforms delivers three layers of capability, namely:

  1. Speech-to-Text – This is delivered across multiple languages, at extreme quality / accuracy and with the unique capability to learn industry lexicon / terms.
  2. Text to Understanding – Contexta360 has leading NLP capabilities and programming to enable the platform to turn text into understanding
  3. Understanding to insight and Action – Once there is  understanding, we can leverage our AI, additional data sources and process rules to create actions that improve revenue, customer experience, scale, learning and reduce risk and cost.

What makes Contexta360 unique?

“As an industry we’re just scratching the surface of how powerful speech analytics can be to all organisations. The voice channel remains the ‘Prestigious’ channel, ideal for ‘moments that matter’ and ‘customers that matter’. However, organisations have very little intelligence on what is being said and how it is being said”, Said Andrew White. “I am fortunate to be working with some of the best speech scientists, AI, developers and NLP PhDs on the planet. This is what makes us unique. There are lots of companies that do speech to text, but that is just 5% of the journey.  Real insight comes from understanding, a new level in speech quality and a flexible approach to customer engagement”, White concludes.

About Contexta360

Contexta360 is a high growth company based in Amsterdam and London. We are a team of highly skilled software developers and computer scientists with a passion for artificial intelligence, speech-to-text, and natural language understanding. We build a 360-degree view of customer interaction. This helps enterprise organisations capture voice and video conversations across multiple languages, transcribing and analyzing them for compliance, sentiment, topic, context, effectiveness and customer experience.