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1. What is Contexta360 AI-driven speech analytics?

There are many insights to be gained using AI-driven speech analytics. It starts unlocking interaction/call data from all channels, specifically converting audio conversations to transcribed reliable datasets.

It gives you actionable control of, and insight into, your contact centre performance. This AI-driven insight into why specific events are happening (or not) can help you to intervene with the correct response and action in a timely fashion.

AI data-driven speech analytics technology by Contexta360 gives you accurate, automated insights into automated CSAT scores, quality management automation, survey summaries, compliance validation and identity checks, as well as identifying customer journey friction and helping you to define your coaching programme.

Contexta360’s conversational intelligence transforms your quality management operational control into a CX-driven business analyst role. It enables your QA staff to focus on actionable results or change management requests to improve your customer experience goals and employee coaching. This understanding is a game changer, helping you to make better business decisions as the speech detection models give you immediate insights about how to take data-driven action.

2. How do I connect Contexta360 to my contact centre services?

Contexta360 is a flexible, agnostic platform and can be added to a wide range of contact centre services to unlock and analyse your customer voice and chat channels. The connection only requires access to your voice recorded data or chat streams. We process and transcribe this into reliable and fast business insights about team performance, business process, sales and compliance checks.

3. How quickly can I be up and running and see performance results?

The excellent news is you can begin right away with our Fast Start approach. Many of the fundamental AI-detection models are included and are active for auto identifying customer responses, process frictions and employee responses and needs. Contexta360 Core gives you a complete view of the most crucial conversation metrics by default on day one, so you can define what is going on and what needs to happen to optimise your CX and employee engagements.

4. What is the benefit of AI-driven analytics by Contexta360?

Contexta360 uses proprietary Speech Detection Engine and Language Models tailored to the type of industry and brand to ensure a reliable capture of products, services and domain-specific details. Tuning and optimising is constantly checked and adjusted to capture 100 per cent of every conversation. Contexta360 is infused with a personalised business detection model.

5. How are calls transformed into speech-readable data?

Monitoring every customer engagement is an impossible task. Listening to every conversation in your contact centre is something you cannot achieve without using speech analytics technology. There are always disconnected conversations for various reasons.

Customer friction can be related to process, products, or people. Contexta360 allows you to uncover and unlock your customer data by converting all voice interaction conversations into reliable transcriptions that can be searched automatically to detect all kinds of skills and process steps’ actual performance. By using an advanced queries detection mechanism to unlock the mission-critical data source, your customers tell you what they think about your product, service and brand reputation.

6. Why should I consider replacing my traditional quality management soultion?

There are various value cases as to why you should consider transferring to automated detection by speech analytics. Contexta360 recommends identifying some of the technical aspects and what primary value you want to get out of deeper data-driven insight, and which AI platform would fit that need within the ecosystem of your CX tool.

In our experience, a large part of a successful transformation to data-driven insights is having an agnostic platform that allows you to create a detection data model across all business and support channels such as voice, chat/bots and video.

Having all channels measured by a central AI-driven speech engine allows you to check quality and performance consistently. It enables you to undertake journey analysis to find broken processes without going through multiple systems to uncover the friction between these silos. 

It should be an easy pathway to insights, with detection by automated intelligence, ease of use by localising the branch/industry-specific language engine, and creating detection queries personally or by suggested themes. The platform gives you recommendations on findings.

7. How can I increase operational efficiency?

Contexta360 allows you to review conversation control and interaction identifiers from corporate, team and employee levels of perspective, with conversation metrics that tell you where hurdles and obstacles may occur. It allows you to start your root cause analysis to identify the friction and prioritise the changes needed to fix some of these detected frictions.

Looking at various interaction detection metrics allows you to follow each operational process and lets you trace what would be an acceptable bandwidth of service quality. By default, these indicators are on your radar using Contexta360 Core and they enable you to align your CX programme and journey, helping you to make better business decisions.


8. How can I increase operational efficiency?

Gaining better insights starts with having a complete view of all engagements, as well as understanding the topics, the employees’ control of the conversation and customer satisfaction. 

This awareness tells you if your business is operating correctly by the expected customer engagements. However, unavoidable change will occur, the question is how good is your organisation’s change management? Are your staff capable of flexible customer service?

It is also important to ask how you execute a process change to approval, or how fast can you respond to unexpected customer, process or product disconnects or failure that has a critical impact on NPS or brand damage?

As you do not want to manually check on changes, trending can help you detect discrepancies or new appearing topics via the AI engine. It will make you aware of things you did not or might not hear about. 

Trending detection is your awareness of the unknowns or new themes, such as campaigns, that Contexta360 can watch out for 24/7. This awareness will allow you to investigate highlighted events, to check if they need more of your time with immediate action, for example if your clients tell you about competitor that is promoting an attractive offer. Trending will help you to identify the correlation of many areas, giving you peace of mind as awareness and research are at hand at any given time.

9. How do I monitor agent performance?

The most significant benefit for quality management staff is that Contexta360 removes much of their selective monitoring work. Rather than finding and identifying areas of concern and reviewing and evaluating employee interactions by manual listen back and QM scoring, we keep track of every interaction and tell you which topic, team, or employee needs your attention.

This automation means you can be a CX analyst, defining your management and coaching programmes, instead of spending a lot of time identifying friction and knowledge gaps. You can build your coaching and onboarding programmes based on the analysis of the successful engagement, by identifying what works well, and make this your reference knowledge transfer programme as your CX standard execution.

10. Can I measure customer sentiment?

There are many ways to express yourself if you are happy or not or somewhere in between, and it can be a challenge to identify the level of satisfaction. Contexta360 allows you to use automated sentiment analysis that identifies various metrics that can point to not delivering the service, answers, product, or subscription your client was looking for or have recently bought.

The sentiment levels are automatically detected and refer to the root cause of the negative or positive responses. This insight delivers, for example, the exact reason why events need actionable attention by highlighting the most significant frictions, or an understanding of how well your customer base receives your latest product.

We believe that sentiment analysis is an elementary component you need to have as this gives you a 100 per cent review from a client perspective. It will be a far better mechanism to detect satisfaction than a post-survey call, and you don’t have to bother your client with survey emails and forms.

11. Can I generate automatic topic analysis?

There is never a static customer engagement world, and business dynamics are constantly changing. Our intelligent analysis detects new topics and related context of these new themes. With every changing dynamic, this categorisation allows you to decide to start your further investigation and decide if this needs to become a new metric you should watch out for on your dashboard for a period of time or permanently as new valuable input.

12. How can I start testing Contexta360 within my contact centre?

We can give you immediate insight with our dashboards as part of our Fast Start approach. This allows you to connect Contexta360 Core to your contact centre interactions and, from day one, provides you with AI-driven performance insights as customer experience/effort, sales conversion, compliance check-up, employee performance and more. If you would like to know more, please get in contact for personal advice for your business.