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CX and CSAT Solutions

The voice of the customer across every channel

We provide swift and efficient answers to enquiries, ensuring that customers receive the assistance they need promptly. Through diligent monitoring of friction detection, we identify and address any obstacles that may hinder seamless interactions. By proactively managing customer touchpoints, we strive to exceed expectations and cultivate customer delight at every interaction. Our comprehensive approach to understanding and responding to the voice of the customer enables us to continually enhance satisfaction and loyalty across all channels.

Discover Contexta360's CX and CSAT Solutions to Optimise Customer Experience and Drive Success

Contexta360 offers comprehensive CX and CSAT solutions aimed at optimising customer experience and driving success. With a focus on providing swift and efficient answers to customer queries, our solution monitors intent journey, friction points, emerging topics, and overall CX health. Utilising a digital dashboard, businesses gain insight into the voice of the customer, allowing them to understand CSAT scores, journey conversations, and emerging trends. The platform highlights issues such as self-service failures and broken journeys, enabling businesses to address them promptly. Contexta360 also provides management dashboards that offer a holistic view of CX health, including metrics like First Contact Resolution. By ensuring that both humans and bots have access to the same knowledge and processes, Contexta360 enables seamless customer interactions across all channels, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and business success.

Four steps to transform Cost,
CX/C-SAT and growth

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A combination of real-time and post-processed analytics can help businesses to quickly analyse and identify conversational shortcomings and training opportunities. Contexta360’s interactive coaching tools, conversational highlights and task assignment ensure that your agents are always well trained and equipped to provide world-class service.

Contexta360 will:

  • Utilise Real-time analytics to quickly identify conversational shortcomings and training opportunities.
  • Provide interactive coaching tools, conversational highlights and task assignment.

The contact centre relies heavily on measuring and analysing first contact resolution. First contact resolution has a large influence on customer satisfaction scores, and a high first contact resolution rate is associated with a high level of customer satisfaction. This critical metric, along with many others, can be automatically analysed within the Contexta360 dashboard, providing you with a comprehensive view of the situation.

Contexta360 will:

  • Automatically analyse first contact resolution and provide a comprehensive view of the situation.

Missed KPIs, inefficiencies, bottlenecks and customer and staff complaints are all signs of broken processes. Your team may feel as if it is putting in more effort than ever to complete simple tasks. Identifying these issues can be time-consuming and may lead to inaccurate results. Contexta360 uses advanced analytics tools to discover topics and trends automatically. This can help to identify where processes are failing and the root cause.

Contexta360 will:

  • Analyse and provide a comprehensive view.
  • Automatically identify broken processes.
  • Pinpoints issues and their root causes for effective fixes

Businesses receive thousands of calls every day, but there is rarely any intelligence available to show why they are being called. Understanding why customers call enables businesses to modify their messaging and processes and reduce the number of calls. Contexta360 helps businesses to identify friction points and the measures and processes that need to be changed to reduce costs and improve operations.

Contexta360 will:

  • Identify the reasons and customer intent behind the calls.
  • Improve processes and reduce call volumes effectively.

Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback are vital aspects of building better products and anticipating customers’ wants and needs. However, static surveys are hard to scale and customers do not want to complete them. By installing conversational intelligence and automatic summarisation, your business can gain insights from the conversation itself.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide customer satisfaction insights.
  • Automate scores from conversations, eliminating the reliance on static surveys.

Customer experience metrics can be influenced by the way your staff enage with them. By automatically analysing sentiment, over talk, silence and more, Contexta360 gives a red, amber and green status for all metrics, both post call for many groups or for single calls in real time, enabling team managers to understand staff wellbeing and take positive action.

Contexta360 will:

  • Automatically analyses agent sentiment and friction.
  • Enable managers to assess staff wellbeing.
  • Provide insight in how business can improve the agent experience.

The customer effort score (CES) highlights how much effort your customer spends resolving issues, as well as workload and process simplicity. Contexta360 provides innovative data modelling to capture all topics, intent and business metrics to determine the best way for your company processes to be understood. As a result, businesses can make meaningful changes that produce measurable results through understanding what is working and what is not.

Contexta360 will:

  • Capture data to determine customer effort score (CES) and workload.
  • Simplify for actionable insights into issue resolution.
  • Improve customer journeys.

Some businesses never measure customer retention, others calculate how many customers they have at the end of the year versus the start. Contexta360 analyses all conversations and can automatically sort them into areas of interest using advanced topic detection coupled with deep-learning capabilities. This means that you will know when your customers are unhappy and the probability that they will leave. This information will be at your fingertips and presented as data-driven analysis or in real time.

Contexta360 will:

  • Provide advanced topic detection and deep learning capabilities.
  • Execute Real-time analysis.
  • Identify unhappy customers and predict their likelihood to churn.

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