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Contexta360 enters a strategic relationship with Dutch Telco, KPN

Dutch Telco, KPN partners with Contexta360 to provide enterprise-grade Speech Analytics and AI to increase client revenues, control risk and improve customer experience

AMSTERDAM / LONDON June 3, 2019 Contexta360, a leading speech analytics and conversational computing company, today announced it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with KPN, a leading Dutch Telecommunications provider.

The agreement delivers class-leading speech-to-text and call analytics solutions to KPN’s API Store as well as advanced speech analytics, compliance and real-time capabilities to their call centre and CX team. This wider portfolio of capabilities will allow KPN’s customers gain greater insight into call context, but also improve clients’ compliance, quality and revenue opportunities.

The agreement will extend to Contexta360: Speech-to-text, Contexta360: Analyzer,  C360: Qualitymonitor, C360: Connect and C360: Assist and will allow KPN’s clients  to analyse tens of millions of call conversations for sentiment, compliance, key selling  or service opportunities and dramatically improve agent training and quality performance metrics both in real-time and post-call analysis.

The relationship will enhance KPN’s portfolio and enable customers using Genesys, Avaya, Mitel, NICE, Verint to add significant capabilities without the need to replace any of their current technology.

“Speech analytics and A.I is a hot topic for our clients as there is immediate value and return on investment. Applications and use cases differ from client to client, but we already have numerous prestigious brand clients whose centres are processing millions of calls and benefiting from incredible insight into their own client interactions. Moreover, it’s easy-to-use and fast to integrate via the APIs” said Wouter van Schaik, Lead at KPN API Store.

“KPN are a great team and company. It is a delight to be working with both them and their clients. Our solutions are purposely designed to leave the legacy investments in call centre, recording and systems of record in place. We augment this investment with technology that analyses historical and real-time calls and interactions. Our AI-driven speech intelligence platform is designed for organisations seeking to know their customers better, improve agent sales and service performance, quality and ensure compliance”  said Andrew White, CEO at Contexta360.

The Contexta360 Platform is available as a cloud service or on premise, which proves very popular with government, security and Financial Services clients. The platform delivers three layers of capability, namely:

  1. Speech-to-Text – This is delivered across multiple languages, at extreme quality / accuracy and with the unique capability to learn industry lexicon / terms.
  2. Text to Understanding – Contexta360 has leading NLP capabilities and programming to enable the platform to turn text into understanding.
  3. Understanding to insight and Action – Once there is understanding, we can leverage our A.I, additional data sources and process rules to create actions that improve revenue, customer experience, scale, learning and reduce risk and cost.

The platform has the following modules:

Contexta360: Identity – The ability to highlight if a caller’s identity is in question.

Contexta360: Assist – The ability to assist an agent in real-time or summaries actions.

Contexta360: Analyzer – Gain insights from the content and context of calls, track talk-time, topic of conversation, category, sentiment, C-Sat, key word analysis, spot questions.

Contexta360: Connect – Connect CRM platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft CRM Inject transcripts, add sentiment, actions detected, talk ratio, topics discussed to opportunity and account records.

Contexta360: Compliance – The ability to add one or many compliance questions that must be asked and answered so that high risk calls can be identified and highlighted to compliance teams.

Contexta360: Quality Monitor – The ability to mine and report on the data by date, team, enterprise, function, context, term, gain insights and take action.

Contexta360: Omni Channel – The ability to integrate other communication data sources to gain a 360-degree context (Chat, Web, SMS, Social channels).

“As an industry we’re just scratching the surface of how powerful speech analytics can be to all organisations. The voice channel remains the ‘Prestigious’ channel, ideal for ‘moments that matter’ and ‘customers that matter’. However, organisations have very little intelligence on what is being said and how it is being said,” said Andrew White, CEO at Contexta360. “I am fortunate to be working with some of the best speech scientists, A.I, developers and NLP PhDs on the planet. This is what makes us unique. There are lots of companies that do speech-to-text, but that is just 5% of the journey.  Real insight comes from understanding, a new level in speech quality and a flexible approach to customer engagement,” White concludes.

About Contexta360

Founded in 2017, Contexta360 is a high growth company with Headquarters in Amsterdam, and offices in London and Frankfurt and is now a globally focused entity targeting large enterprises. The organisation has a simple mission: to harness the power of conversational intelligence to improve customer retention.  Contexta360 seeks to understand the meaning behind speech in order to improve relationships and interactions.

Contexta360 has a team of highly skilled software developers and computer scientists with a passion for artificial intelligence, speech-to-text, and natural language understanding. It helps customers build a 360-degree view of customer interaction. This helps enterprise organisations capture voice and video conversations across multiple languages, transcribing and analysing them for compliance, sentiment, topic, context, effectiveness and customer experience.  For more information please go to